Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Antivirus]Top five free antivirus

Top five free antivirus

The internet can be a dangerous place if you come here without protection. For many users antivirus programs can be a real trouble, because they are cost-inaccessible. There is an alternative, or free versions of certain protection program that can be downloaded from the network. See our suggestions.


Another solid package of programs for data protection. It offers antivirus, scanner, email,  and special protection when you are on internet and search for something.  Most users choose AVG because of the wide range of accessories, but the protection is not the best.



This is one of the most popular programs in the world when it comes to protection. It is very easy to install, followed by a brief computer scan will show the problems and potentially problems for the user. In an independent test (AV-Test) proved to be one of the most complete protection program from all the "attack" from the Internet.



Maybe it has complicated interface and will need some time to navigate, but Avira is very powerful when it comes to defense against viruses. In addition to the main program, we offer the supplement for safe use of the Web browser. With the help of it users have additional protection from phishing, blocks ads from the internet and special protection when using social networks.



No anti-virus does not provide 100 percent protection, and this is another program that can be used as a secondary defense when you're not sure that is the antivirus program did. It is very easy to use interface offers only a few options . After scanning, unwanted programs is easily removed from the system.



This program should not be the primary solution or antivirus that will offer real-time protection.Bit defender doesnt have real time protection, so you need to start scan every time, but it is best in removing and detection virus, worms...Definitely one of the programs that will recognize 99% of harmful attacks,.



I suggest you to install Avast or Avira it is my first choice, and malwerbytes also, I will write about malware attacks. So i think Avast and malwarebytes is best opinion for defense your computer from virus attacks, worms ...


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