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[Computer advice] Five questions that should be answered before buying a new computer

Five questions that should be answered before  buying a new computer

You have decided to buy new computer, and then problems arise.

Which computer should i buy? is it expensive or cheap? is it work good? First thing you need to know is why are you buying computer. Is it computer for office, which will only perform basic office tasks, or you need computer for games, internet, movies, music…. Every computer should have its purpose. Buying the most expensive computer is the biggest mistake you can make as a regular computer user.

Five questions that should be answered before  buying a new computer

1.    Do you want lap-top or desktop computer
2.    How much money you can spend on new computer?
3.    For which purpose you need a computer?
4.    Which operating system you want?
5.    And do I need good monitor, printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse.(best way to save some money is to buy cheap keyboard and mouse)

There is a big difference between desktop computers and laptops. Desktop computers have a much better performance and they are cheaper, but on the other hand, are not portable, occupying a lot of space, ....
Lap top computers have their benefits in the form of portability, do not occupy much space.
I am always for shopping a desktop computer, but for some jobs you need to have lap tops. 

Lap tops are suitable for workers, students, basically for people who need a computer for work. 

Which operating system to choose, There are many operating systems, such as windows, mac, ubuntu ... So for regular computer user, the best operating system is windows, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but not to talk about it now.

So on the end, I want you to tell you: no one knows better than you which computer you need. 


One more thing that you should always look for specifications that are latest as you can use your computers up to some years.As up gradation may cost you heavily.

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Yes of course, I forgot to write about the specifications of the computer, thanks.

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