Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[computer advice] why my computer is running slow

Why my computer is running slow

6 reasons that should not scares you when they happen to your computers

1. It is working to slow
2.Starts to restart every 15 minutes
3. report some errors
4.Turns off every half hour

All of these errors is because of software or hardware problems. When PC work too slowly, it is full of virus, or you dont have enough space on hard disk or you need higher and better ram memory. First: Run your antivirus,  And let it to scan the entire hard drive, if antivirus find any viruses, worms ... Delete them. Then defregment your hard drive, with disk Defregmenter.I think it will be work okey now after you delete viruses and defregment your hard drive.

If the computer begins to restart, or shuts down, check the power supply into computer, also this problem may cause some viruses. 

1. Be sure to install some antivirus on your PC, you have our list  if you can not decide.
2 .Perform back-up system
3. Defregment your hard drive every month
5 .Do not install desktop editing applications on your computers, it can cause many problems.


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