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[SugarCRM] Modern platform

[SugarCRM] Modern platform

What is SugarCRM?

Read about how PSTech company allows you to make better relationships with clients and achieve better business results.
Sugar CrmCustomer relationship management, or CRM, is one of the most important business processes in companies of all sizes. Contact, customer service or customer, makes a daily basis and therefore it is appropriate CRM solution is essential for productivity and achieving business success.
SugarCRM is an integrated solution which allows for better interaction and better understanding of the user. Through this platform, all employees who have direct contact with users receive all necessary information and tools they need to do their job in a better way, and to provide superior customer service at every interaction.

In the three sectors

In a business environment, SugarCRM like other CRM solutions tightly integrated into the processes related to marketing, sales and support. Unlike traditional systems to support marketing, SugarCRM allows users to deal with unnecessary information and to display personalized content that enable better results. For the marketing sector will be significant and the possibility of obtaining insight into the interactions that take place at different levels, based on which they can plan the timely and successful campaign.

In the the sales department SugarCRM enable to step away from the continuous input data, or to focus on sales and most sales opportunities. It will allow vendors to give the right information to potential clients, when the information is most needed and thus lead to a higher percentage of success.
SugarCRM makes it possible to respond to each query efficiently and with the right information, which eventually creates loyal customers. Besides being used in contact centers, are easy to integrate and work teams leading performance of the company on social networks. All relevant customer data available in one place and in real time.

Besides the basic functionality related to support CRM processes, SugarCRM is an open platform can be further developed and adapted to specific needs. On the basis of this platform can run fast and powerful mobile social applications, as well as establish business processes.

Social CRM

The first option that is put in front of users shows the flexibility of SugarCRM solutions. It can be installed on your own server or rent a cloud solution. Thus, even before the implementation of business processes Sugar changing needs. Trend growth of this market solutions encourage the growing needs of medium and large companies that have recognized the innovative approach is reflected in the combination of advanced user experience and integration of social and mobile component approach (in the form of Android and iOS apps).
SugarCRM makes a number of useful functions and integrates with a variety of existing solutions, such as the Google suite of business applications or many popular e-mail service.

Which edition to choose?

SugarCRM comes in five variants. Each package includes basic tools for sales, marketing and support each and can be run on the server or on the user request.

Basic is free Sugar Community Edition, which has been downloaded more than nine million times. It has the essential tools for sales, marketing and service, and next to it is not getting customer support. Includes basic checkups, simple queries, and basic reports, but may not use various sources of information. Sugar Professional Edition adds an enhanced user interface, broader set of CRM functions and more options for integration. In addition, it supports both mobile access and more options for maintenance of the system.

Corporate Edition extends the advanced mobile professional use, allotment storage system, advanced user support and faster response time, which is defined by agreement (SLA). Enterprise edition of this set of functionality further extends support for off-line operation, advanced reporting, self-service portal for customers, support for Oracle databases. The most comprehensive edition of the Sugar CRM is Unlimited, which allows the use of a Lotus Domino server, including clock support with a response time of only one hour, supports a variety of professional programs for the provision of services.


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