Friday, October 11, 2013

[news]Malware in email notification about blocked Facebook account

Malware in email notification about blocked Facebook account

Experts in security, pointed to the current spam campaign aimed to spread malware, which relies on the popularity of the social network Facebook.
Attempted infection of computer users Facebook starts email with the subject "Hey (your name) your Facebook account has been closed" or "Hi (your name) your Facebook account is blocked!"

This disturbing message that the Facebook account shut down or blocked should cause the user to follow the instructions in the email and download and open the attachment in the email to unblock the account. When the file is launched, the user will see the message: "Your Facebook Connection is now secured! Thank you for your support! "

Now the user needs to believe that there was a problem with Facebook is successfully resolved by running the application from the attachment in the email. However, this time the malware comes into play.

What is interesting about this malware is that his communication generates traffic from seemingly legitimate Web sites. An algorithm that uses the value of the current time, we can generate 32 768 domain names, each of which is a combination of words from the dictionary. Therefore, it is difficult to block this malware.


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