Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Html School] Creating links

Creating Html links

The main feature of HTML documents is the presence of hyperlinks (or simply links - links) that link lead you to other documents, websites, files (files), images etc.. It is this possibility that the site can put links (link), which leads to the outside of page? Yes it is. Therefore, when making a website should not forget the  magic of link?

The links are divided into external and internal. External lead outside of the site / blog, internal links lead to different parts of your website or blog . Links is creating using the HTML tag <A> </ A> (shortened from Anchor - anchor).

How to create link in Html?

In your html document write this code,
<a href="url adress or file name here">Text here</a>
For example if i want to create a link to my home page i need to write this code:

<a href="http://computershole.blogspot.com">Computershole</a>

In the browser will look like this:


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